Saturday, September 18, 2010

The week in pictures

We came home to this run away cow in our front yard the other day...oddly none of our neighbors who own cows were missing one.

Homemade jalapeno cheese bread baked fresh this weekend. This recipe is fantastic. You can find the recipe here: http//

I made this fishing game with pole and felt fish for Olivia. I first saw it here:

The antenna on top of the grain elevator took a direct lightning hit.

He replaced it on Thursday.

I made Olivia bite size Alice in Wonderland cakes for our slumber party this weekend. Grandpa hid one in the rabbit hole.

And this evening we climbed the steps to another set of elevators we have an antenna on.

No elevator to take us up on this one.

just 68 steps.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What else does a two

What else does a two year old obsessed with Alice in Wonderland need? Her own rabbit hole, made by grandma.

There are tree roots on the inside top.....

and a hole painted on the outside with the white rabbit next to it and a black cat....

the outside has garden pictures from magazines....


and bees......

and on the inside there are clocks, chairs, keys, books....and a door too small to fit through into Wonderland.

Add a two year old pretend Alice and a white rabbit and the story is complete!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet Jack! He's a year

Meet Jack! He's a year and a half year old English Angora. He is just what a 2 year old granddaughter obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and a grandmother obsessed with wool crafts needs!

And just look how much gorgeous wool I've already collected!

Some time ago I broke the mirror in a vintage vanity set. So I decided it would make a nice miniature garden ...

And finally, I've finished half of the Rebecca gray beach skirt. This yarn is so fine it's a bit difficult on my hands.