Friday, June 22, 2012

This Week's Projects and Dreams

I saw these cookies on Pinterest so I decided to have a go. It's nice to have them ready in the freezer for when our granddaughters visit.

For some reason my Peter's eyes look angry.

This coffee shop in KC by my daughter's house has a lovely frozen concoction called the Beehive.

Living in the country I can't always satisfy my frozen coffee craving so I decided to give it a try at home.  I took leftover coffee and froze it in ice trays, vanilla almond milk, a long drizzle of honey, put them in the blender and.....

Beehives for two.

I made a new maxi skirt.  It started as a dress from Goodwill....

I cut off the top, added a waist band and elastic...

and I have a new skirt for $4.00.

And finally, Pinterest dreaming....
I love these green houses made from recycled windows.....

And this one uses them for skylights....maybe we could add this to our playhouse renovations.
What do you think?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anthropologie remake

Have you seen the Swarm tote bags at Anthropologie with a price tag of $398? 

Well I copied the idea, my price tag, $11.

A five dollar garage sale painting, a six dollar leather strap from Hobby Lobby, and some leftover fabric for the lining.....

I especially like the idea of recycling things into something else......

Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo editing now that Picnik is gone

I was really heart broken when Google decided to end their free online photo editing site, Picnik.  And for me, sometimes photoshop is just too cumbersome to use.  But luckily after some surfing and some trial and err I found two easy to use sites. 

First, makes it easy for you  to animate still photos.

And does just about everything that Picnik did.

But unfortunately, and even though I am still learning it, nothing beats photoshop for extensive editing.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Local Indian Cemeteries

On Memorial Day Paul and I took a drive to find 3 local Indian burial grounds. It made the day special for us. It also made watching the Hattfields and the McCoys on the history channel this week a bit more powerful.  All three of these cemeteries are within 20 miles or our house.

I tried grave rubbing for the first time.  I am going to add some embroidery, maybe join them together into a quilted wall hanging.  I think they would be great hanging in the entry way of our church.  The church we own on our property was erected in 1872.  It burned and then was re-erected in 1917.  

Paul said it's striking to think how really young this country is, amazing compared to England and the rest of Europe.  God save the Queen and happy Jubilee!