Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kansas Snow-phoon

Last year we had the garden totally planted by St. Patrick's Day and used low hoop tunnels for frost protection.  This year I wanted to beat that and be in by March 1, but......
this is what it looks like outside.
And this is what my seedlings look like.....
I hope there's some serious melting happening soon.
In the mean time I've painted my studio windows to preserve natural light but block night time vision.
Some how a polar bear seemed appropriate!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adapting to Climate

We believe there should be no doubt in global warming.  Each year here in Kansas our summers have become more extreme.  Last year we started planting in mid March.  By July it was a struggle to keep things alive. 

Last year our zone was changed to a warmer climate.  And because of the previous year's drought, we adapted then. My husband came up with a system for catching rain water. See my post about our "pond" here.

So this year we've pushed things up by one month.

A modified cold frame built with our old windows.  It sits on a drainage line of our grey water from our kitchen and laundry and then a soaker hose lying inside.  It gets watered from the top and the bottom.  As soon as the plants are too tall for the windows we'll change to a hoop system. Lettuce, spinach, radishes and peas.

I started my seeds about 10 days ago.  Yesterday about half got larger homes.

I'll be starting another round this week.

An idea from Pinterest, these micro-greens are growing in the drawers of an old card catalog, radish and cilantro. 

My fairy garden in a drawer sits on top.  It got a spring makeover too.  Granddaughter seems to get the sand everywhere.

And grass sprouting in the A Green Desire book for Scout. He's a very pampered rabbit.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

He holds my heart in his hands......
The heart I knitted for V Day.  You can find the pattern here.
Happy Valentine's day♥

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Love of Cataloging and Finished Projects

We are very lucky in Kansas City to be home to a wonderful art museum. Yesterday I went to see the exhibit, Cabinet of Curiosities: Photography & Specimens

An exhibit of photos taken of collections, specimens, and other oddities.  This is a collection of nocturnal moths, photographed while still alive.
 Much nicer than the other way of collecting, dead and pinned.  Something I'm guilty of.
And this is a collection of photographs taken of snowflakes by Wilson Alwyn Bentley, (1865-1931).
Some other pieces, to name a few: a collection of teeth pulled by Peter the Great, who fancied himself as a dentist, and a photo of a Civil War officer standing in front of a mirror to show his bullet wound from entry to exit.
I have enjoyed collecting many things all my life.  When my children were small, we had our own natural history museum.  We took an old cabinet and kept it in the hallway for them to place their treasures in.
It's premier item is a piece of the Berlin Wall given to them by their aunt and uncle.  Maybe the grand kids should start adding items, making it multi generational, since it's still standing.
And finally, just a few pieces I finished up this week. Daughter #1 requested this garland for her birthday.
I've decided to offer it in the shop, made to order, https://www.etsy.com/listing/122487818/large-day-of-the-dead-skull-garland.
And daughter #2 requested a piece of art with an owl for her boyfriend's niece's first birthday.
So I thought zentangle it. :)