Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The sad tale.

I came to the very sad conclusion last weekend. When I began knitting the purple romper for Olivia I thought about what size she would be in the fall, the logical time I would want her to wear it. I was right on...9 months. And low and behold, that's the exact size she is now. But what I didn't take into consideration was the knitting time that would be lost to the lovely wedding quilt I was making. And then when I got back to my knitting I saw that I was already knitting the romper in the largest size the directions were written. But I thought, well I can knit fast and still get it finished. But last weekend while holding her I realized by the time I finish the romper she will only be able to wear it a few times, or maybe only once. What should I I decided to disassemble the romper, and re-knit it into another cuddle blanket. She loves the blanket I knitted for her before she was born. Another blanket would be used all of the time. And the yarn did cost $40. So here are the pictures of the romper for me to remember....some of the hardest knitting I've ever done, (size 0 needles). Sad, sad, sad. And here is a picture of the quilt. I'm very pleased with it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Art Post

I am consumed with doodling. What can I do with them? The girls and I went to First Fridays this weekend. We had a blast, saw lots of art, free drinking, lots of laughs and ate at an over worked pizzeria called The Art of Pizza. ...p.s. Ryane knit her hat herself without a pattern. She saw a hat like it in Aspen for $225 and then made it herself for $45, (its angora). What talent!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is my pumpkin I

This is my pumpkin I carved for Election Day. I can’t describe my happiness right now. Yes we can! In the beginning I couldn’t quite put all my faith in him. But we’ve evolved together, him into a wonderful candidate and me into someone who cares. I just went and registered with Eckan to volunteer. I hope I will be able to make a connection. When I listened to his speech in Cleveland he brought tears to my eyes. Now having heard his acceptance speech and watching the reaction of people around the country, the tears keep coming. He really makes me want to be a better person. …I thought a lot about my mother yesterday. My mother was always an election judge. When I was really little I hated Election Day. It meant I wasn’t going to see my mom until after I was in bed and my dad was in charge of dinner. When I was in middle school I loved Election Day because my school was the polling place and my mom was there the whole day. She was so beautiful and always so nice to my friends that everyone loved her. I don’t know how she managed everything she did, raising four kids, work and volunteering. She was in the Junior Women’s League, church groups, she did pantomiming, plus worked full time during the school year. I can’t figure out how she was lucky enough to find a job, (not in the school district), that let her off in the summers. …

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good morning!


My new trick.


Even faster!


Sweet potatoes


Finishing the sweet potatoes


Random pictures since I haven't

Random pictures since I haven't posted in a while. Hali is in the dress she made, a picture of Olivia with her Dad when she woke up, another with her grandfather pretending to be Count Dracula, a performer at the city market, Baby Cakes (also city market) might do the wedding cupcakes, Paul and I with our feet up, and my kind of bike ride! Be sure to scroll down to see the videos of Olivia rolling over and eating her sweet potatoes.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy 25th Aaron!

Happy 25th Aaron!

Here we are in the

Here we are in the baby sling I made to carry her around in. Although she doesn't look too thrilled now, (I was having camera issues), she does really like it. We baked Aaron's birthday cake in it. We only got as far as cake pan preparation and she was fast asleep.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hali has started sewing in

Hali has started sewing in her free time at the theatre. She made this skirt. I had her pull up her shirt in the back so we could see all three panels of fabric. Both my girls constantly amaze me at how creative they are. She just made it up without a pattern. She made a tierd ruffled skirt too. While she was home on Tuesday we went to JoAnne's and she bought a Vogue pattern for a dress and the fabric. She told me last night she already finished it and was wearing it. Wow! I think she might be fearless when it comes to sewing. She's fierce!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Speech, speech!

She just started talking, said her peace, and that was it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


These videos were taken Saturday night. I'm just learning how to do this stuff.

Bubbles and zzrrbbrrtts


I took this yesterday....this is her new jumperoo. When she jumps it makes the sounds. Aunt Hali, Mom and Grandma sure had a good time watching.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I love paper toys. I

I love paper toys. I made this one Thursday evening. It's a perfect little summer scene. And now that we are discussing having a wedding campout I like it even more.

I really think it would be great if the kids could have a bridal tipi. It would make the wedding campout! This is the one from Toast but I found one over here in the states a lot cheaper.

This one is from Vermont and only $222. I like the idea of having Ryane and Scott and their friends camping out after the reception. She wants to string twinkle lights between the tents and have a campfire breakfast. It sounds super!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My first post. I have

My first post. I have a blog. It's a logical step. I've always kept a journal. Being on the web is a bit intimidating. But then I learned I could have a blog and make the settings private. Now I've taken the plunge and I 'm learning something new. More importantly, I have another way to keep the things that matter to me. A place to put the pictures I take, the pictures I find, and the thoughts and ideas that go along with them. I'm really excited about this.