Friday, July 1, 2011

Repurposed Birdhouse To Dollhouse

When I was a girl, my babysitter made me a dollhouse out of a cardboard box and magazine photos.  I loved it and played with it until it was in tatters.  I came across this birdhouse sometime ago and thought it could easily be turned into a dollhouse for Olivia using the same method.

I gave its interior a fresh coat of grey paint and started going through my magazines.  Mostly the photos are from British Country Living and Anthropology and Toast's catalogues.  The beauty is, you can have anything you want, as long as you find find a glossy.

The living room has a front door, hearth, and plenty of seating.

The kitchen has a back door and stairway leading up.

The bedroom has lots of beds for all ages, a lovely view, and a tiny door leading to a secret place.

This lovely bath has three tubs, plus lovely artwork and a fireplace!

Yes, this country home has everything, including chickens!  Now it needs a nice family to move in and then Olivia and I will have lots of fun coming up with stories for them!

Happy Friday!

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