Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here are some pictures marking

Here are some pictures marking the last week or so. Nick brought Olivia down for us to see her yesterday. We hadn't seen her in two weeks. I also have a picture of my new haircut which both Paul and Hali say looks like the same one I had in high school when I met Paul. We had snow last Saturday, hopefully the last of the season. It didn't amount to much here, but it did in KC. Finally we, (I) have named my bird. Meet Dexter. His name will not change again, although after the naming process was over I did hear the name Gizmo and thought that would have been great but indeed already it had taken me too long to decide. And finally, my new machine, the intimidator, until it embroidered Olivia's name and then I was in love. The two of us are looking forward to many happy hours and projects together. Who knew what I was missing?!

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