Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is a picture of

This is a picture of my father and me. He was in college in this photo. He became a bio chemist. Spending time with my dad is like spending time with an encyclopedia. Whenever I have a question about history, gardening, plants in general, or wild life I can ask my dad. He loves cooking too. He had so many hobbies over the years. When I was little he collected snakes in aquariums in our garage. He had all kinds but I specifically remember a rattle snake and a boa constrictor. All though I didn't fall in love with snakes many of the things I like to do come from my father, cooking, gardening, reading. He once made some drapes and then with the leftover fabric made my mother a jumpsuit. We are both terrible pack rats and we can both spend hours in a book store. My father is never not reading, until now. My dad went into hospice yesterday. He was all of these things and a lot more. But now he is tired.

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