Monday, January 28, 2013

Coursera....Continued Learning

I first heard about Coursera in a meeting where I work, a small private college. Then it started popping up in the news.  Coursera offers online courses for anyone to take, for free.  I was intrigued! 

I've read some critics, one stating, "The Coursera model doesn't create a learning community; it creates a crowd. In most cases, the crowd lacks the loyalty, initiative, and interest to advance a learning relationship beyond an informal, intermittent connection."

I'm sorry, but so what!  It is what you make it!

I heard someone just last night saying how important it is to keep learning, trying new things, and keeping your mind active. 

So take a look.  Maybe you'll see something that interests you.  And maybe we'll run into each other in the discussion forums:)

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