Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adapting to Climate

We believe there should be no doubt in global warming.  Each year here in Kansas our summers have become more extreme.  Last year we started planting in mid March.  By July it was a struggle to keep things alive. 

Last year our zone was changed to a warmer climate.  And because of the previous year's drought, we adapted then. My husband came up with a system for catching rain water. See my post about our "pond" here.

So this year we've pushed things up by one month.

A modified cold frame built with our old windows.  It sits on a drainage line of our grey water from our kitchen and laundry and then a soaker hose lying inside.  It gets watered from the top and the bottom.  As soon as the plants are too tall for the windows we'll change to a hoop system. Lettuce, spinach, radishes and peas.

I started my seeds about 10 days ago.  Yesterday about half got larger homes.

I'll be starting another round this week.

An idea from Pinterest, these micro-greens are growing in the drawers of an old card catalog, radish and cilantro. 

My fairy garden in a drawer sits on top.  It got a spring makeover too.  Granddaughter seems to get the sand everywhere.

And grass sprouting in the A Green Desire book for Scout. He's a very pampered rabbit.

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