Sunday, January 12, 2014

Occupying time

Last Sunday we spent the day snowed in.  We were visiting my aunt in the hospital and staying in her condo.  She's been back and forth between the hospital and the rehabilitation center since October.  I'm sorry to say that yesterday she was moved to hospice.

But I digress.  In order to save her some money, we had her cable TV and internet turned off at the condo. Great idea, until you are in a blizzard and can't get out.

We read and sat by the fire.  I knitted and did some drawing, trying out the new art stix I got for Christmas.

 The week before we went on a tour of the local brewery in KC, Boulevard Brewing Co.  I took several pictures and decided to put this one in my sketch book.

I love that feeling of living and walking around in a project.  Whether I'm drawing, painting, reading a book, knitting, or working on jigsaw puzzle it consumes my brain to that extent.  Now that we're home, I have several worlds I'm walking around in, and loving every one of them.

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