Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fredericksburg Texas

Whenever I visit my mom in San Antonio, Fredericksburg Texas has always been one of my favorite places to go. Sure, this little town is packed with amazing shops up and down Main Street, with everything you could possibly want to decorate your home, yourself, and your dinner table in that unique Texas style.  Not to mention all the peach orchards surrounding this cute Texas town where you can buy or pick them yourself.   
But for me, the number one reason for visiting Fredericksburg is to see what interior designer, Carol Hicks Bolton has been up to.  I’ve followed her from her former Homestead shops on Main, to now her new warehouse a few blocks off Main on Lincoln Street.  What a treat!  She travels the world to find the most awesome antiques and ships them to tiny Fredericksburg!  And they are so friendly, asking where you're from and allowing all the photos you want to take.  So……

You can read more about Carol Hicks Bolton and see more of her work on the blog Fiona and Twig and get ready to be inspired!

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