Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Break

After three months of knitting and sewing for birthdays I finally get a break.  There's not another birthday or holiday I need to make presents for until September!
Quinn and Braxton, siblings, both had their parties on the same day; one in the morning and one in the evening.  Quinn turned one and Braxton turned three.  That meant Quinn got her first book.

This was my eighth book to make for our grandchildren and I have to admit I was struggling with the verse until my husband came up with the brilliant idea of doing a cover of Bob Dylan's Quinn The Eskimo.

It was a hit!
I also made her a little top, shorts, headband and matching doll...
 and knitted crowns for both.
And for Braxton, who loves bugs.... a stuffed ant.  After looking at many google pictures of ants  I "winged" the pattern. 
 (Yes I know ants don't have wings.)
Maybe all those years as an entomology mom in 4H will pay off in a second generation.
And now that I have until September I feel like a teacher on summer break.  I'll have time to make some things that I've had on my wish list. 
During all of that sewing and knitting the week before the parties the cherries were ripening.  As it turned out it was obvious that the cherries could wait no longer and the very next day after the parties we started picking.  The entire week was consumed with picking and pitting.

We eventually lost count but we believe we have about 30 quarts put up!  And the tops of the trees are still full!  But we just can't take it anymore.  We are declaring cherry season closed.
Still, with all the cherries I was able to squeak out a small project; a knitted bracelet. 

I must have had blossoms on my mind.

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