Sunday, January 31, 2016

Being honest with myself.

Since this is the last day of the first month of the year I started to think about the resolutions I made and evaluate my progress.  Most of all this year I wanted to try to improve my overall life.  I made vows to make small changes. The most important ones were:
Take control over clutter; hang up my clothes as soon as I take them off
                  and don’t leave dishes in the sink.
            Practice more mindfulness and meditation.
            Do more yoga and sit-ups.
            Be more creative in my cooking.
            Write a little every day.
            Drink less alcohol.
            Be kinder to the earth.
            Sketch daily.
            Paint as often as I can.

With that last one I intended to knit less in order to accomplish it. 

All in all things have gone pretty well.  With exception to the last one I’ve been able to stick with it. But what I haven’t done is knit less.  I had thought that after the intense knitting marathon I ran between Thanksgiving and Christmas; (see below picture from my facebook page), I was ready for a break from knitting.

But instead what I now know is that I am a knitting addict.  And my most problematic time is while watching television.  I can’t sit still to watch television. In order to stay awake my hands must be moving.  And January has a lot to watch; my favorite and new PBS shows, new episodes of favorite network shows, and Paul and I have started binge watching Homeland.  Yes, we are late to that party but now that we’ve arrived we can’t leave until it’s over. 

Pictured below is what I have knitted since December 31st, one month's time.

KC baseball hat, Sooner hat, and stocking cap.
A cable cowl and scarf.

And what might be just a little crazy, a sock for our vintage caged trouble light.

There's also one more very large project I've started but there's no picture yet.  

So now I know that what I believed to be a brake from knitting was only a break from knitting for children and grandchildren.  And no matter the aching knuckles and knitter's elbow as long as I sit down to watch TV, I'll be knitting something.

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  1. I think you have definitely started off 2016 on the right foot (or hand for knitting) Way to go Lisa!