Wednesday, March 8, 2017

If you live here in Franklin County Kansas, I’m asking you to take the time read this post.

As of today, President Trump has been in office for 48 days.  Whether or not you voted for him, are you staying informed to see if he’s making good on his promises?  The realization of what a Trump presidency looks like is being laid out before us.  Are the actions of this administration beneficial to you and your loved ones, your friends and neighbors?    

Take for example the new Republican health care plan rolled out this week.  Did you know the new health care plan will greatly change how seniors pay for their health care?  Did you know that the maximum $4,000 tax credit will only afford, at most a catastrophic plan?  This means that seniors will have to pay for their daily health care out of pocket.  How will seniors on fixed incomes afford their regular doctor visits and medication?  This plan will dismantle Medicaid.  This is just one example of the new administration’s changes that frightens me.  So much of what this administration has done these past 48 days has made me want to do more than just complain to my family and friends  

No matter your party affiliation, are you feeling you’re not being represented in Washington?  Do you want to make sure the people who were voted into office are held accountable, are listening to their constituents, are doing their job?  Would you like to make a stand for issues important to you, a stand to protect policies that protect your way of life? 

Last night my husband and I attended a meeting held here locally.  Franklin Action Network is a newly formed group in association with Indivisible.  If you are unfamiliar with this group you can read about them here:

If you're like me, you've never been more politically active than making sure you vote in every election.  But now with the country divided, hate crimes knocking on my door, and I'm watching the rights won by those who went before me threatened to be revoked, I'm ready to do my part. It's empowering to find others who feel the same.

So in a way, this is a help wanted add.  We accomplish more when our numbers are greater.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 28.  Time and place are to be determined. It you're interested, and I so hope you are, message me or comment below and I will get you the information as soon as it's given.

We're just a group of regular folks living in Kansas who can no longer sit on our hands.  We're a group who believes knowledge is power.  A group finding a way to make our voices heard.

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