Sunday, August 23, 2009

This was my first two

This was my first two day weekend since May. Man I hate it when I have to work Fridays again. We made the most of my two days!
Paul and I rode the trail west on Friday night, about seven miles. This bridge crosses the river that direction too but it has no rails.
On Saturday we had a girls' day in the city, Farmers' market, movie and shopping. I pulled up next to the girls at the stop light and it was good to see that Hali is always safe and wearing her helmet, whether she's riding a bike or riding in a car.

When we came out of the movies, (Julie and Julia), we went to Anthropologies where this group of men were lined up outside, apparently waiting on their wives/girlfriends. Anthro just isn't for guys I guess.

And below is the flat tire that I got Sunday morning, 5 miles into the trail and no access roads near by. Paul and Ryane had to ride all the way back to get the van and I started walking my bike out. Luckily I didn't have to walk the whole 5 miles back.

And finally: peaches again. This time we grilled them and baked them into a pie on the grill. We over did the bottom crust so in the end it still turned out to be a cobbler.

And now....five more days of work.....

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