Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother Nature / Father Time

Mother Nature is refusing to move forward. The last day of winter our earliest flowers are in bloom. The first day of spring, eleven inches of snow fell on those blooms.

I am afraid to move forward too. I find myself questioning how we arrived here so fast. My very wise husband answered; we spend our lives anticipating the future, always anxious to experience the next….whatever. And time marches on. And now, we start noticing. We wish we could dig in our heels, forcing our speeding time to slow down.

So now along with the wonderful experiences also come the unavoidable dreadful ones. Please, Father Time, please take your time as Mother Nature has chosen to do…..

(photos by my very wise husband)

He took these two pictures on Friday, the last day of winter......

And then these two pictures the next day, the first day of spring....

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