Thursday, July 25, 2013

Braxton's First Year Birthday Book

This is sooooo late.  But here's the book I made for Braxton's first birthday:

I guess that I can hold you
one more time before you grow.
And tell you that I love you
so that you will always know.
Please let me tie your shoe again.
One day you'll tie your own.
And when you think back to this time
I hope it's love I've shown.
Can I help you put your coat on?
Can I please cut up your meat?
Can I pull you in the wagon?
Can I pick you out a treat?
One day you might just care for me,
so let me care for you.
I want to be a part
of every little thing you do.
Tonight could I please wash your hair?
Can I put toys in the bath?
Can I help you count

your small ten toes
before I teach you math?
Before you join a baseball team
can I pitch you one more ball?
And one more time can I stand near
to make sure you don't fall?
Let's take another space-ship ride
Up to the Planet Zoor.
Before our Cardboard Rocket
doesn't fit us anymore.
Please let me help you up the hill.
while you're still too small to climb.
And let me read you stories
while you're young and have the time.
I know the day will come
when you will do these things alone.
Will you recall the shoulder rides
and all the balls we've thrown?
I want you to

grow stronger
than your Dad could ever be.
And when you find success
there will be no soul more proud than me.
So will you let me carry you?
One day you'll walk alone.
I cannot bear to miss one day
from now until you've grown

We built a ship upon the stairs

All made of the back-bedroom chairs,

And filled it full of sofa pillows

To go a sailing on the billows.

We took a saw and several nails

And water in the nursery pails;

And Grandpa said “Let us also take

An apple and a slice of cake.”

Which was enough for Grandpa and me

To go a-sailing on, till tea.

We sailed a long for days and days,

And had the very best of plays.

Grandmothers are meant for kisses and hugs

For watching rainbows and catching bugs

For baking all of your favorite things,

For books to read and songs to sing

Teddy bears ad seas of blue
Smiling in honor of you
An infant not long ago
Now one candle is aglow.
You are growing up so fast
How quickly a year has passed!

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