Monday, September 7, 2009

The un-official end of summer

I love this time of year when all of the festivals begin. Friday night was First Fridays where we saw a giant dress of rope. Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival.
Sunday we went on a bike ride and the catfish were drifting on the surface of the river.

I had time to make a collage.

And time for a lemon pie.

And I bought this bird whistle from a booth at the Ren Fest. We tried it out on Sunday. Paul had one little guy answering him. But all the rest of the birds seemed to shut up. Hmmm. Maybe this has the opposite effect. Or maybe we better learn what we're saying. It sounded pretty all the same.

And finally, I made this list not too long ago of things I wanted to accomplish this summer now that it's over ..... maybe I can finish up with Indian Summer.
summer list

√ garden, (our best one ever)
√ run, (but not up to my goal)
√ tennis, (only twice, need more)
√ swim outdoors
√ bike
√ pick strawberries and make jam
√ cherries, (pick, freeze, and bake into pies)
√ eat and cook seafood
√ eat peaches and cream
√ make peach pie, (made a grilled pie and a cobbler)
√ badminton
√ sewing, (could be farther along on this one)
√ hammock
√ clean and organize, (yikes)
√ start a quilt
√ tomato spaghetti
√ vacation, (San Antonio, Florida, and Maryland)
√ go to a county fair, (2)
√ meteor/star gazing
√ bon fire, (only one)
roasting marshmallows
√ read lots of books

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